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C2 Corvette Registry Stamp/Tag Database

  VIN Engine Picture
      30867S100054   FI 360hp

      30867S100131   FI 360hp

      30837S101965   Unknown

      30837S104422   FI 360hp

      30837S104422   FI 360hp

      30867S104449   300hp

      30867S104650   300hp

      30837S105147   FI 360hp

      30837S105850   FI 360hp

      30867S107355   300hp

      30837S107421   340hp

      30867S109048   340hp

      30837S109868   340hp

      30867S110411   340hp

      30867S110421   300hp

      30867S110887   340hp

      30867S110887   340hp

      30867S111130   300hp

      30837S111808   340hp

      30837S112830   FI 360hp

      30837S113297   340hp

      30867S116886   340hp

      30867S116886   340hp

      30867S118998   FI 360hp

      30837S119881   300hp

      30867S120123   340hp

      40867S100763   Unknown

      40867S101331   365hp

      40867S102815   300hp

      40867S102887   365hp

      40837S103393   FI 375hp

      40867S104272   300hp

      40867S104337   Unknown

      40837S104833   300hp

      40867S105348   365hp

      40867S105432   Unknown

      40867S105984   300hp

      40837S109956   365hp

      40867S110253   FI 375hp

      40837S111183   300hp

      40837S113816   300hp

      40867S113845   365hp

      40837S115227   365hp

      40837S116564   365hp

      40837S117215   300hp

      40867S119848   Unknown

      40867S120143   365hp

      40867S120337   Unknown

      40867S121348   300hp

      194675S101586   Unknown

      194675S102006   300hp

      194675S102113   FI 375hp

      194675S102381   365hp

      194375S104146   300hp

      194675S104424 5104424 F09I4HF 300hp

      194675S105750   300hp

      194375S105905   300hp

      194675S106427   350hp

      194375S107030   365hp

      194675S107464   Unknown

      194675S107488   FI 375hp

      194375S108226   350hp

      194375S109242   365hp

      194375S109774   FI 375hp

      194675S109998   365hp

      194675S110610   Unknown

      194675S111693 5111693 FO302HF

Flint, March 2, 1965, 300 Horse, 4-speed

      194375S111765   BB 425hp

      194375S111774   FI 375hp

      194375S112671   FI 375hp

      194375S112671   FI 375hp

      194675S113338   BB 425hp

      194375S113934   BB 425hp

      194375S114733 confirmed original pad 365hp

      194375S115982   BB 425hp

      194375S116921   300hp

      194375S116921   300hp

      194375S117845   BB 425hp

      194375S117845   BB 425hp

      194375S119150   FI 375hp

      194675S119475   300hp

      194375S119741   BB 425hp

      194375S119904   350hp

      194675S120163   365hp

      194675S120921   BB 425hp

      194675S121063   300hp

      194675S121574   BB 425hp

      194375S122155   BB 425hp

      194375S122328   350hp

      194375S122328   350hp

      194375S122384   BB 425hp

      194375S123094   350hp

      194676S100202   Unknown

      194376S100259   Unknown

      194676S100318   BB 390hp

      194676S101235   BB 425hp

      194676S102999   Unknown

      194676S105139   Unknown

      194676S105145 105145-F1104HT 350hp

      194376S105377   BB 390hp

      194676S106180   BB 425hp

      194676S108436   BB 425hp

      194376S112869   Unknown

      194376S113318 1966 427/425 BB 425hp

      194376S113799   350hp

      194376S114129   BB 390hp

      194376S114420   Unknown

      194676S114745   BB 425hp

      194676S115959   350hp

      194676S117402   Unknown

      194676S118744   350hp

      194676S119019   BB 390hp

      194376S119145   BB 390hp

      194676S119200   BB 390hp

      194676S120303   BB 425hp

      194376S120817   BB 390hp

      194676S121473   BB 425hp

      194676S121943   Unknown

      194676S123134 This car has never been judged but I have been told by previous owners that the car has the original engine. E-mail me if you think different!!! BB 390hp

      194676S123491   350hp

      194676S123600   BB 390hp

      194376S123857   BB 390hp

      194676S126164   Unknown

      194676S126206   BB 390hp

      194376S126234   BB 425hp

      194376S126622   BB 390hp

      194676S126650   BB 425hp

      194676S127220   BB 390hp

      194677S100183   350hp

      194677S100672   BB 435hp

      194677S101068   350hp

      194677S101338   BB 435hp

      194377S101513   Unknown

      194377S103142   Unknown

      194677S105188   Unknown

      194377S105379   BB 400hp

      194377S105888   BB 400hp

      194677S106307 Picture added by webmaster (after it was published via the NCRS tech. forum) BB 435hp

      194377S107518   BB 390hp

      194377S107909   350hp

      194377S108084   BB 435hp

      194377S108108   BB 435hp

      194677S108904   Unknown

      194677S108964   BB 435hp

      194377S109731   BB 390hp

      194677S110424 FACTORY STAMP FOR 1967 327/300 HP BUILT IN FEB. 1967 Unknown

      194377S110818   Unknown

      194377S110893   BB 435hp

      194377S112662   350hp

      194677S112738   BB 435hp

      194377S112791   Unknown

      194377S112807   BB 435hp

      194677S113389   Unknown

      194377S114027   BB 435hp

      194677S114294   Unknown

      194677S114516   BB 435hp

      194377S114807 Inserted by webmaster 350hp

      194377S115129   BB 435hp

      194377S115496   BB 435hp

      194677S115586   Unknown

      194677S116010   BB 390hp

      194377S116047   350hp

      194377S116321   Unknown

      194677S118432   BB 435hp

      194677S118823   BB 435hp

      194677S119722   Unknown

      194677S120401 Original pad - 7120401, V0601HE Unknown

      194377S120830   350hp

      194677S121066   BB 400hp

      194677S121135   350hp

      194677S121492   BB 435hp

      194677S121492   BB 435hp

      194377S121683   BB 435hp

      194677S121862   BB 390hp

      194677S121973   BB 435hp

      194677S122049 67 327/300HP 22049 Unknown

      194677S122395   350hp

      194677S122429   Unknown

The C2 Registry doesn't garantee the authentication of the posted photographs and isn't responsible for the published background information published via this stamppad database.

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