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What was the first model year of the C3's?
John McCarty
I have registered my 427/425 hp Laguna Blue Corvette here on the C2 Registry. VIN 194376S126706. All the information I have is listed in the Registry. If anyone knows more information regarding my C2, I would greatly appreciate it!!!
sal garcia
I have owned #30837S114448 since Summer of 1978.
What do I need to do to register my Vette ?
Donald Pyle
I own a 1967 base corvette 327 4 speed a/c, goodwood green, vin 194377S115176, just looking for history
1967 corvette vin.194677s100302 also 1967 vin.194677s100573 owned for 43 years
Trying to find if stolen VIN plate from a 1966 car as been used.
LJ Borden
Tracing is a vin plate stolen off a 1966 Corvette is or has been used.
Mike Southard
Been years since I logged on (2004?). Car now has new tires and wheels (Salt-Flat-Specials) and has moved to AZ. 95 percent complete now. Stroker Motor is just a missile. Decided not to do paint work as it does have a 12 foot paint job now. If I sell, the next owner may want to put original Daytona Blue on it...which I wouldn't do myself so a waste of money for me. If I did paint it, it would be a flame or torch red! Still looks good anyway.
Dennis Hill
My last post on 06/30/2017 showed a vin for the 1965 coupe that Iam looking for as 194675s115278 but as we all know it should be 194375s115278 designating a coupe sorry . If you own this car please contact me Dennis 831-443-0652
Dennis Hill
Owned a 1965 glen green black interior 4 speed 327/365 hp sold the car in Gilroy Ca. 1984. Would like to relocate the car. Had license plate HILLS 65 if you own the car contact me I have orginal intake manifold and transistor ignition. Vin # 194675s115278 Dennis 831-443-0652
robert alt
anyone know where the vin number is stamped on frame of a 63-67 vette??? trying to match frame to vin tag
Laura and Carl Marco
How does a query get answered? For instance, I posted here on 05/19/2017 (2 posts below this) hoping to get info on a car I own, a '66 convertible s/n 115389.
I own this 1966 Convertible s/n 115389. Spent many years originally in upstate New York. I have been in touch with previous owner but would appreciate any info about the car prior to 1990. Thank you
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