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What was the first model year Corvette's could have targa roof panels?
david mckelvie
Looking for the owner of my old 1965 roadster who may be interested in the original Owners guide and the Owner protection Plan with the metal tag in place and all dealer info filed out. I sold this car in 1987 in Los Angeles Ca. Vin # is 1946755105008. If this is your car email me.
Roar Tomassen
Looking for information on 1963 Coupe VIN 30837S109045, origianally Sebring Silver/Dark Blue, repainted to red. Car was purchased from Florida and brought to Oslo, Norway about 9 years ago, now in Bergen and repainted to original color.
Mike Ryan
Looking for any information prior to 1971 on VIN 30837S100305, originally Sebring Silver/Dark Blue but may have been painted a Sky Blue or Silver Blue around that time. Originally sold in California, but in Alberqueque, New Mexico around 1970.
Tom Workman
Looking for any information prior to 1984 on VIN 194677S104964, red convertible.
bob lemke
Nice directory
David Dutton
I am looking for any information on 1966 Corvette vin number 19467S110478
John McCarty
I have registered my 427/425 hp Laguna Blue Corvette here on the C2 Registry. VIN 194376S126706. All the information I have is listed in the Registry. If anyone knows more information regarding my C2, I would greatly appreciate it!!!
sal garcia
I have owned #30837S114448 since Summer of 1978.
What do I need to do to register my Vette ?
Donald Pyle
I own a 1967 base corvette 327 4 speed a/c, goodwood green, vin 194377S115176, just looking for history
1967 corvette vin.194677s100302 also 1967 vin.194677s100573 owned for 43 years
Trying to find if stolen VIN plate from a 1966 car as been used.
LJ Borden
Tracing is a vin plate stolen off a 1966 Corvette is or has been used.
Mike Southard
Been years since I logged on (2004?). Car now has new tires and wheels (Salt-Flat-Specials) and has moved to AZ. 95 percent complete now. Stroker Motor is just a missile. Decided not to do paint work as it does have a 12 foot paint job now. If I sell, the next owner may want to put original Daytona Blue on it...which I wouldn't do myself so a waste of money for me. If I did paint it, it would be a flame or torch red! Still looks good anyway.
Dennis Hill
My last post on 06/30/2017 showed a vin for the 1965 coupe that Iam looking for as 194675s115278 but as we all know it should be 194375s115278 designating a coupe sorry . If you own this car please contact me Dennis 831-443-0652
Dennis Hill
Owned a 1965 glen green black interior 4 speed 327/365 hp sold the car in Gilroy Ca. 1984. Would like to relocate the car. Had license plate HILLS 65 if you own the car contact me I have orginal intake manifold and transistor ignition. Vin # 194675s115278 Dennis 831-443-0652
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