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Wat was the first model year Corvette's could have a V8?
Orson Nurse
seeking info on 64 corvette convertible Vin# 40867S110688.
Orson Nurse
seeking info on 1964 corvette convertible vin
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For over 30 years I have owned a 65 convertible built in Dec 1964 with serial number 194675S104835.
Luckily I know a great deal of the heritage of the car as GM recorded shipping details and most of the body info when Corvettes were imported to Canada.
I have two trim tag questions for the members:
The car had been stolen and later recovered by the police long before I bought it. Unfortunately the Trim and Serial No. tags were torn off by the thief so the exact build date and body number are lost; (the province/state issued a valid replacement VIN tag). I know from GM's import records the car's original colours are Ermine White and a vinyl Saddle interior. What I would like to discover is the exact build date (albeit Dec 16 or 17th) and the body number so that I can have an accurate reproduction trim tag made. My car is just a driver and will remain so as long as I own but I would like to get the accurate build info before the car is given to my grandson in a few years. If anyone can help the info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Charles Mccormick
1966 coupe. Vin 194376S111420 in search of my fathers old white 1966 coupe he sold it 30 years ago to a guy in warterloo ny I found threads about it on corvette forum but the user has been inactive since 2016 (ddrr713) i think the car is in Pittsburgh if anyone knows any information about I would appreciate
Like the rest of us trying to find out about our car's past, I am trying to gather information about my '66. It was sold new by Bresee Chevrolet in Syracuse, NY. I've been somewhat lucky to have been in contact with a previous owner. I am hoping to find memorabilia about the dealer and info about the car closer to when it was delivered to the dealer and when it first left the lot. Leads are appreciated. Thank you
Doug Clarke
Does anyone know how I can find the current owner of my 1965 Corvette that I purchased new in 1965 in Quincy Illinois? I still have the original owners packet for the car and would love to give it to the current owner. The Vin is 194675S103599.
Buddy Thomas
Would like to find out what I have for a 66 c2... s1315/984aa...194376s120355 is this a yellow car 425 hp 4 speed
Bill Bratek
My 1966 corvette (VIN...07600) is a BB car with a SB radiator and expansion tank. The car has the correct tach, oil pressure gauge, rear sway bar and differential yokes for a BB (427/390 hp). Any ideas why the car was modified from the BB cooling system to a SB cooling system. I'm trying to find the 1966 thru 1975 owners because the change was made in that time frame. Any thoughts or info would be appreciated.
I own a 1966 Corvette VIN 194676S121527 I originally purchased from a Cadillac dealership in Louisville, Ky. in August 1967. I am seeking any information about its original owner, where it was sold, history, etc. It was Mosport green, green interior, both tops with black convertible top, 327 cu. in., 300 HP, 4 speed. When I purchased it, it had Mickey Thompson mag wheels with red line tires. I don
Bill Bratek
I am following up on a 1966 Corvette VIN ending in 07600. Does anyone have any info on this vehicle? Thanks Bill
Josh Swan
Bored cruising Craigslist one night. Come across an ad selling original window sticker for VIN 30837S111202. Googled the vin, search led me here and I just emailed the last known owner listed on this site. Hopefully the window sticker can be reunited with the car! No affiliation with car owner or seller, just a young car guy trying to help out.
Martin Spiteri
HI i forgot to write down the VIN number of my C Covertible. It is : 30867S120573.Thanks to All for your kind help.Martin SpiteriMalta Europe.
Martin Spiteri
Hello, I have a 1963 C2 Convertible and the engine number stamped on the face of the right hand bank below cylinder head reads, FOIIS, and no other numbers. Engine casting number is 3782870. on the front of the cylinder heads it has two Humps. Intake manifold casting number is 3890490. The Exhaust manifolds are numbered, LH 3797901 and RH 3797902. Can somebody tell me what type of engine this is please?Thanks and Regards,Martin SpiteriMalta Europe.
John Milby
Still looking for history of my 65
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