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C2 Corvette Registry Guest Book

Welcome at the C2 Registry guest book. Leave your feedback here, comments and suggestions for this site. Questions will not be picked-up and answered from this page. Please send us your questions via the Contact Us... button on the left panel. Before you sent us your question please consult the Help page first. Many questions are already answered there, like: How do I register my car? How do I reset my password? or How do I change the owner of my car?

Guest book entries should be in English, have a non-commercial and a non-polical nature and should be Corvette related. Entries not complying with these requirements will not be approved (and published) and the issuer will be permanently blocked from the websites of the C1, C2 and C3 registries.

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What was the last model year Corvette's were available with 6 cylinders?
Thanks for the post
Chris Vanderbyl
How do I register my 63 on the registry?
steve laurenson
How do I ad my car to the registry.
Jason Colaizzi
how do i add my 63 coupe to the list
Robert Voshell
1963 Corvette
Can i add my vehicle on the list? What's the process?
John Girard
I own a 1966 coupe malono maroon 427
John Schuh
I recently came across a Muncie 4-speed trans (M21) from a 1966 Corvette.
Thought you might want to add this to your Registry.
VIN on Trans: 6S115742
Trans Date Code: P0221
Tag on Trans Side Cover: 3880853

Trans was removed by former owner (in Mich.)
Joe Waldbauer

I am a proud owner of a 63 Vette. I live in Austria in Europe. (no Australia!).
I love this car! Very beautiful!

Best regards
Donald Davis
looking for my old car .1967 435 vert yellow /black .
last know to be sold in Las Vegas Nv. at the Imperial Palace 2006 . I owned this car from 1971 /1997
VIN 194677S1200909
Daniel J Katarsky
great car. 8 year restoration but it runs great.
Justin Heidelbach
Hello i have a 427 motor and matches someone
Michael McCracken
restoring my 65 coupe after 50 years , it's about time eh?
John Jason
Please check 1965 Fuel Injection units for sale at shows serial #04816 IT IS A STOLEN UNIT
My car never recovered. Notify police or contact me.
Thank you
Bill Pass
Looking for my 1967 Corvette #113100. I owned it in 1969-1970. Rally red coupe, black interior, 427-390 HP, 4 spd. Replacement short block.
thank you very much
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