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C2 Corvette Registry Guest Book

Welcome at the C2 Registry guest book. Leave your feedback here, comments and suggestions for this site. Questions will not be picked-up and answered from this page. Please send us your questions via the Contact Us... button on the left panel. Before you sent us your question please consult the Help page first. Many questions are already answered there, like: How do I register my car? How do I reset my password? or How do I change the owner of my car?

Guest book entries should be in English, have a non-commercial and a non-polical nature and should be Corvette related. Entries not complying with these requirements will not be approved (and published) and the issuer will be permanently blocked from the websites of the C1, C2 and C3 registries.

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What was the last model year of the C3's?
Chuck Trost
I was a previous owner of a 1965 coupe S# 118466 that is registered to M. Johnson of Souix Falls SD. I still have copies of my documents & some original parts. I would like to reconnect with the owner if possible. I tried the email address but, not sure if it is valid?? Thanks
Ganance Ronald
Own 63 no. 30837S112561 Troy New York 12180
Ken Johns
Serial Number 40837S118175 This car originally purchased by John A. Dyer at Queen City Chevrolet on May 25, 1964 for $4,282,05.
Sold to Ralph Specht -NCRS #47785. this car won the Top Flight Award May 19, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
korey queen
just got a 66 mosport with 22xxxmile original paint and inteior with factory air and manual 3 speed my question is ... i think i may have the only mosport 3 speed manual with factory air if someone else has one could you please let me know....thanks
Andre joyal
je possede une corvette convertible 1965couleur rally red depuis 1966 le vin est 194675s 102205 Je demeure au Quebec canada
David Armbruster
I owned a 1966 Vette Silver 327/350H S/N 194676S112887 when I was a kid and just found it on this sight. I was happy to see that it was still in existance but was painted red wit a 427 hood and side pipes.
Rob McAnally
Owner of a 62 since 1972 also a 67 coupe.
Very proud to say I have a 1965 vetted and I
peter zillger
Looking for my 1967 Coupe I bought new at Palmer Chevrolet in Ocean City NJ VIN 194377S115876
Looking for my 67 conv vin 194677S122070 owned 2000 to 2006
Thanks for the post
Chris Vanderbyl
How do I register my 63 on the registry?
steve laurenson
How do I ad my car to the registry.
Jason Colaizzi
how do i add my 63 coupe to the list
Robert Voshell
1963 Corvette
Can i add my vehicle on the list? What's the process?
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