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What was the first model year a big blog was fitted to a production Corvette?
Dickie Cloutman
WOW ! What a great site for Vette owners/lovers
Bob Glick
I have a 1966 corvette coupe- 327-300. Looking for the quietest mufflers possible. Any help, suggestions or constructive comments appreciated. Already had Dynamat and new jute backed carpeting installed. Thanks.Please respond to Bob at
So many people here are looking for their old corvettes or the previous owners, it would be nice if a sequential list of these sought after VIN'S could be available for viewing, it would save having to read through all of these post. Thanks
Looking for the original owner of a 1966 Corvette VIN 194676S126725, I think he was a pilot and from NY or NJ. Any help is appreciated.
David Ostrander
Looking for Previous owners of a Red convertable 1967 Corvette orginally sold to a doctor at Meginnis Chevrolet Berkley, California. Any help appreciated.
douglas Wankel
Looking for current owner of 1966 convert. Vin 194676S113164.. Last sod on Boulder City NV. approx. 2015. I owned this Corvette from 1975-1979. Would like to locate to possible purchase. Any help much appreciated! Thank You, Doug Wankel
Mark C. Coffield
I am looking for my 1961 Corvette. It was Blue with silver cove, black interior, and had the correct 283 four speed in it when I sold it. The frame was soft but I sold it with a good frame. The serial number is 10867S100791 and the last title number when I owned it was P335557 West Virginia. I sold it to Pro Team Corvette in the early eighty's. They were no help at all. I would love to find my old car and see if it could be purchased or if I could just see it. I owned the car in my Sr. year of high school and got engaged in it. (Still have the wife!) Any leads would be appreciated. I am 62 now and would love to get my car back if possible.
Thank you,
Mark Coffield
Looking to buy back old 1966 vet VIN 194676S119410 sold in Indiana in 1970
Harry Vaughn
65 Glen Green CONVERTIBLE... VIN:194675S102390, sold in McArthur CA Nov 64 early 65. Looking for previous owners or documentation of any sort for this 65 Glen Green Convertible
Ronnieboy Musacchio
30837S114030COUPE, SADDLE/SADDLES TAN, 327-300, 4SP, 336POSI, PS, PB, PW, AMFM, METALLIC BRAKES, BLACKWALL TIRES, SIMULATED WOOD WHEEL, NO TINT, BUILT APRIL 30, 1963, TITLED IN PA OCT 24, 1963. EXPORT CAR ORDERED BUT DOMESTIC DELIVERY, To PA. 6 months from Build to Titled.Why?13 Transactions on PA Title. Prefix code M on title
Bob Glick
1966 coupe-Mosport Green now Sunfire Yellow
Bob Glick
mosport green originally-now sunfire yellow
john zachary
Just planning to add my vin to the List and see what comes up. 1965 Survivor csr, scratches and all.
Ignore the prior post the bill of sale just lists the 1963 chevy green coupe and was tucked inside the owners manual of a 1963 vette - but the vin on the bill of sale is for an impala not the vette. Thanks anyway!
My friend found the original owners manual and the original bill of sale for a 1963 green corvette coupe the vin number is 3184T314669. Price new was $3643.55
He is looking for the current owner to see if this would be something he would like to have. We have no idea of how to locate the current owner or to see if the car still exists. Anyone have any ideas?
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