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What year the Corvette SS was produced?
Jeff Bartholomew
1966 vin 194376S107210
Mark Eric Elvin
Own a 1965 Corvette Coupe FI Vin#194375S104899. Once owned by Lawrence Sachs of New York. Looking for a little more history about the car. Does anyone have contact information for Mr. Sachs?

Gary Leonhardt
looking for my fathers 67 Vet

Vin number 194677S105607
Mike Foley
Have owned this conv. since 2015. I am looking for history prior to 2009.
gil baker
looking for info on my father in laws 65 396-425hp,4sp. conv.,sold in the mid to late 80
Marc Kidder
I currently own a 1978 Corvette. I would like to find my first Corvette which is a 1967 convertible, Sunfire Yellow, VIN194677S118343. I sold in the fall of 1974 in Grand Rapids, MI. Any ideas on how to trace would be appreciated.
Ron Fink
Would like to know how many coupes (837) where manufacture through 100017 ( first seventeen cars off the line.
Gene Montgomery
I purchased my 66 Mosport Green 327/300 Covertible from Bill James Chevrolet on Feb 22, 1967 in St Louis, Mo, with 6,722 miles and I have that Bill of Sale. W.M. Ruoff purchased the car new from Barford Chevrolet on Nov 17, 1965 according to the PROTECT-O-PLATE and the Trim Plate, plus other information left in the glove box. I have tried on numerous occasions to locate him in the without success. Anyone with information about Mr Ruoff would be greatly appreciated.
Hi everyone. If anyone has the 1965 C2 with the VIN 194375S102669, I have your HH code 327. Ready to go.
Gary Gahan
Seeking info on my 1963 Vette. Serial number is 3087S110245Just purchased the car which had a replacement number issued however I was able to obtain this number off the frame.
Roar Tomassen
I'd like to re-register a 1963 Corvette Sport Coupe on my name. The car is already registered on a member in your registry. The vin-number is 30837S109045. My name is Roar Tomassen and live in Bergen, Norway
Orson Nurse
seeking info on 64 corvette convertible Vin# 40867S110688.
Orson Nurse
seeking info on 1964 corvette convertible vin
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For over 30 years I have owned a 65 convertible built in Dec 1964 with serial number 194675S104835.
Luckily I know a great deal of the heritage of the car as GM recorded shipping details and most of the body info when Corvettes were imported to Canada.
I have two trim tag questions for the members:
The car had been stolen and later recovered by the police long before I bought it. Unfortunately the Trim and Serial No. tags were torn off by the thief so the exact build date and body number are lost; (the province/state issued a valid replacement VIN tag). I know from GM's import records the car's original colours are Ermine White and a vinyl Saddle interior. What I would like to discover is the exact build date (albeit Dec 16 or 17th) and the body number so that I can have an accurate reproduction trim tag made. My car is just a driver and will remain so as long as I own but I would like to get the accurate build info before the car is given to my grandson in a few years. If anyone can help the info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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