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C2 Registry Weblog: Adventures 30837S118658

by Rob Musquetier (3192 views)
Ascending Descending
05/05/2010 18:20

Engine/Frame reunion
Today the engine went back on the frame after a seperation of a year or so...
03/30/2010 14:12

Body paint stripping
This weekend I started on the body, also here lots of layers:

1) orginal primer
2) orginal cellulose lacquer
3) additional layer of primer
4) daytona blue base coat
5) clear coat

Half way stripping that looks lik this!!!
03/07/2010 17:27

Other side
03/07/2010 17:27

Front shot
03/07/2010 17:26

Better engine pictures
Today I brought my Canon camera to take better shots of the engine...
03/07/2010 17:22

More stripping
Today I removed the paint of the doors. Kind of a nasty job, especially the the door post with all it angles and cavities...
02/24/2010 15:58

Next the motor mounts, spark plugs, spark cables, heat shields, spark plug cable clips, dipstick tube and dipstick and chrome RF shielding was added...

The engine start to look really nice now...
02/24/2010 15:57

More overspray
More overspray on the intake manifold, bypass water hose and rocker cover gaskets (the rocket covers will be replaced later by the proper finned aluminium covers...
02/24/2010 15:55

Overspray pattern
Notice the overspray on the intended intake manifold. I'm unsure the rubber plug for the danger fumes channel towards the air intake of the fuelie unit should have received the orange overspray???
02/24/2010 15:51

Engine painting
Also this weekend I could finally paint spray the engine. First of all the fuelie unit and intake manifold were masked to avoid overspray in unintended areas.

Since I sprayed it first with an ever so thin layer of primer and then with casting colored paint, I could finalise it with only thin layer of orange (like they did in the factory). Some area's hardly received any paint (like the under side of the oilpan, behind the exhaust manifolds, and behind the waterpump). Also the bypass hose and the edge of the intake manifold received (on purpose) some overspray to mimic the way the factory sprayed the engine in the good old days...
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