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C2 Registry Weblog: Restoration of 1965 Sting Ray

by Raymond Vermeij (373 views)
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02/07/2007 09:14

Restoration of 1965 Sting Ray
frame on its way to NEWICC in Lokeren, a company specialized in chemical cleaning
02/07/2007 09:14

Restoration of 1965 Sting Ray
Frame in dipping procces, stil a good week and it will be ready to pick up for some repairs.
After that back again to NEWICC for a KTL treatment
12/17/2006 12:51

T-arm rusted away at leavespring conection.
Easy to remove :-)
Need new ones on both side better.
12/17/2006 12:48

More Frame Rot
12/17/2006 12:46

Oh, Oh Frame Rot
There is frame rot on the area before the front wheels.
I have decide not to replace but to repair the frame.
Although the Stainless frame at is very tempting with the C4 suspension.
12/17/2006 12:37

Here my 4 Knock-off wheels not the original K-H.
Finally found a 5th wheel on ebay is getting shipped atm.
12/17/2006 12:34

Engine removed
Wanted to mount engine on engine stand but I have no bolts long enough.
Cheked in several shops but could not get them here, so I ordered some from the States.
Did not want to ruine my block with metric bolts.
12/17/2006 12:31

12/17/2006 12:27

we have lift-off :-)
Together with a giraffe hoist and a friend we managed to lift the body.
The body will go under a cover for now, first the chassis.
12/17/2006 12:24

Making the dolly
I followed the Nolan Adams dolly instructions.
Had to convert inches to cm but it worked out fine, the meachures are exact.
I changed the height of the dolly to 65 cm iso 35cm, together with the wheels 80cm.
I did this so I can work underside of the car also.
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