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Corvette Part & Services Vendor Details:

Vendor Eckler's Industries, Inc
Description No. 1 In Corvette Parts & Accessories
Address 5140 S. Washington Ave. (South U.S. 1)
Zipcode 32780
City Titusville
State Florida
Country United States
Telephone Number +1 800 284-390
Fax Number +1 321 383-205
Rating 5.2 stars
Nr. of votes 14

Last comments:

User Rating Comments
Peter Hall 10 Gotten parts, from tiny convertible top pin bushes to a complete shark bite rear suspension. Always well packaged and arrived when stated to Australia. My go to parts store. 
Sebastian 4 Bought lots of stuff here, they were great at first, but have been going downhill. 
Robert Perkins 9  
856666 10 I use Ecklers for Corvette specific parts when good used parts are not available. I have had good luck with their parts and their service 
Derek Cunningham 2 Great selection of parts but freight to Australia is a rip off. Why deal with Ecklers when other Vette part suppliers freight so much cheaper. 
boatguy 5 expensive 
Bill Church 8 Generally competitive pricing and good selection, but I can say that, of late, the quality of their merchandise definitely doesn't seem to be quite as good as it has been in years past. 
Scott R 2 Very poor quality -- fit and material -- reproduction products. I've used three times: 1) handle for ashtray: impossible fit - got replacement but same - ended up going to another vendor; 2) cigarette lighter element: good fit but of such poor quality lasted less than one year before needing replacing; 3) repro linkage and shifter for '63: linkage fasteners were complete junk and had to replace --- shifter nob made of extremely poor material - stripped out in less than two weeks [Yes the '63 shifter is not one of Corvette's shining moments but the Eckler repro made this a realllly bad shifter]. I'll need to replace the whole shifter and linkage next year. Aside from really bad products, I have not had any problem with shipping or service however. 
John Webb 5 Mostly use as convenience (40 minutes away) when I dont' want to wait or pay shipping. But prices and parts could be better 
Kurt Bunting 2 Have experienced that many of their parts are not factory correct and no way of knowing until you get it and then it's to late or you have to return for credit. Poor reproductions. Also shipping costs are high. They used to be good many years ago but they ahve changed ownership so many times that they no longer provide the type of service they once did.
I no longer use them as a source for parts. Switched to Dr. Rebuild and Mid America 
Porter (Nickname) 2 No response on eMails, staff (2004) not motivated. 
Dennis Beck 10  
Petra 2  
Gary Phenning 2 Poor response to poor shipping  

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