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Corvette Part & Services Vendor Details:

Vendor Tonys Corvette Shop
Description Full Service shop, parts, dyno, and previously owned cars.
Address 7500 Rickenbacker Drive
Zipcode 20879
City Gaitherburg
State Maryland
Country United States
Telephone Number 301 987 0565
Fax Number 301 987 8180
Rating 9.7 stars
Nr. of votes 3

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User Rating Comments
Mike Furman 10 Tony's Corvette Shop is the reason I own a 1967 Corvette...without his shop it would be impossible to have an old Corvette because his shop is so trustworthy and efficient with their expert repairs. I have owned 18 Corvettes and have had Tony's do the work on all except the brand new Corvettes that I have owned since 1991.

Mike Furman 
Steve Clifford 9  
Donald #31176 10 Best shop on the East Coast 

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