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VIN 194675S123197

Car Year: 1965
Car's confirmed production date:
(as confirmed by the
NCRS Shipping Report Service)
July 27, 1965
Owner: Michael Westenberg
City: Bovenkarspel
Country: Netherlands
Purchase date: 03/23/2004
Status: Current Owner
Nickname: Lady in red
State: Show Car
Exterior: UU Rally Red (15.65%)
Interior: White
Softtop: White (33.88%)
Wheels: Black (95.26%)
Body: A.O.Smith 7540
Delivery Dealer Zone: 14
Delivery Dealer Code: 250
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  19467 Base Corvette Convertible (300hp) 65.26% 4,106.00
  898 Genuine Leather Seats 9.03% 80.70
  A01 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows 37.14% 16.15
  C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 33.05% 236.75
  G81 Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios 84.73% 43.05
  L75 327ci, 300hp Engine 35.47% 53.80
  M20 4-Speed Manual Transmission 89.57% 188.30
  N14 Side Mount Exhaust System 3.22% 134.50
  P48 Cast Aluminum Knock-Off Wheels (5) 4.74% 322.80
  T01 Goldwall Tires, 7.75x15 (nylon cord) 4.20% 50.05
  U69 AM-FM Radio 93.84% 203.40
  Total   0.000000030886229%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: W128
Export Car: Non Export Car
Engine details: in 2004 the setup was:
- 327 inch
- 250 horsepower
- 2 speed Powerglide
- CE block 191122
- November - March 2004/5: full engine, carb and gearbox rebuild

during body-off restoration in 2009/10 the setup became:
- 327 inch
- 300 horsepower
- 4 speed Muncie
- CE block 191122
Other details: - car came with 5 x Western Wheel knock off rims, US made
- Bought the car with a black interior. During the restoration in 2009/10 we reinstalled the original 443B red-white interior setup.
- Dash cubboard door has 1966 logo and grill is from the 1966 model, since door seems to be original match we can asume that like Nolan Adams underlines that late '65 vettes can have parts from '66 model range.
- Original '65 discs were found on front side and '63 drums on the back. Frame was rebuild to 1965 specs during body-off restoration including disc brakes all around.
Car history:
1965: production date 27th July 1965
1965: shipped from factory to dealer Hicks Chevrolet in Washington DC (zone 14 / dealer code 250)
aprox. 1998 - 2002: car stayed in Belgium in the area of Oud Turnhout
2002 - 2004: car was owned by 1st Dutch owner in the South of Holland
2004 march: purchase by current and 2nd Dutch owner (previously registered on Belgian plates)
2004 summer: preperation for Ducth RDW check, brake system revison, electronic system check
2004 october: Dutch RDW check succesfull, registration on Dutch plates
2004/5 nov - mar: full engine, carb and gearbox rebuild
2006 jan: removal soft top and chairs
2006 march: bought hard top at Corvette Center Morfelden (original combination reunited again), removed radiator for rebuild
2006 may: reinstalled the radiator
2006 june 10: first drive of the season, participated in BOCs opening road tour in West Friesland (NL)
2006 june 13-19: participated in Flight 2006 to Le-Mans 24 hr race with UK and Dutch NCRS chapters. Drove around 2600 km in 6 days.
2006 september 10: participated in 2006 NCRS Dutch Chapter Roadtour (aprox 500 km driven) in province of Utrecht
2006 december: winter maintenance in Dutch Chapter club house (removed bumpers, wheel arch coating, decklid spring changing, various small repairs)
2007 march: replaced exhaust system with new Magnaflows, started softtop frame rebuild, small fibre glass body repairs
2007 april: installed new Al Knoch softtop
2007 may: installed rechromed bumpers
2007 june: on 10th attended Dutch Sting Ray registry meeting in Oss (NL)
2007 june: on 17th participated in the 23rd National Oldtimer Day in Lelystad (NL)
2007 august: on 18th car was the lead car during the 2007 NCRS Dutch Chapter Roadtour in province of Zeeland (NL) - drove +/-400 km
2007 october: removal of diff, driveshaft and leaf spring for revision & renewal
2008 may: installed new leaf spring, installed rebuilded diff, installed new carter pan
2008 june: participated in BOCs summer evening tour in West Friesland (NL), participated in 2008 NCRS Dutch Chapter Roadtour on the Veluwe (NL) - drove +/- 350 km
2008 july: swapped the Hankook radials, for original BF Goodrich Silvertown Gold Line bias ply tires
2008 august: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2008 september: start body-off restoration, body and chassis seperated
2009 june: chassis is restored and rolling
2009 september: chassis restoration finalized, started on body disassembly
2010 january: body and chassis reunited
2010 april: body repainted & start assembly
2010 june: on 20th participated in the 26th National Oldtimer day in Lelystad (NL)
2010 july: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2010 october: joined the BOCs autumn tour in Noord-Holland (NL)
2011 june: on 19th participated in the 27th National Oldtimer day in Lelystad (NL)
2011 august: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2012 april: joined Enkhuizen Grand-Prix in Enkhuizen (NL)
2012 august: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2013 april: on display at the Venhuizen Oldtimer Show (NL)
2013 july: joined the Midlake show in Middenmeer (NL)
2013 july: joined the King Kruise in Amsterdam (NL)
2014 april: joined the Pietersen US Cars & Rock 'nRoll event in Rotterdam (NL)
2014 june: on 15th participated in the National Oldtimer day in Lelystad (NL)
2014 july: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2014 september: joined All American Sunday in Wognum (NL)
2015 july: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2016 july: exhaust system upgraded to side pipes + installation power steering
2016 july: 9th & 10th drove to Corvette Fame in Valkenburg (NL) - WON 1ST PRICE IN C2 CLASS
2016 july: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
2016 october: joined Stingray '82 cruise
2017 june: on the 18th car joined National Oldtimer Day in Lelystad (NL) - WON 1ST PRICE IN F-CLASS
2017 july: 8th & 9th drove to Corvette Fame in Valkenburg (NL)
2017 july: joined the Oldtimerday in Medemblik (NL)
For Sale: No

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