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VIN 30867S119437

Car Year: 1963
Car's approximate birthday: July 12, 1963
Owner: No Present Owner
Nickname: Steve S
State: Not Restored
Exterior: 936 Ermine White
Interior: Blk Black (Vinyl)
Softtop: Black (16.96%)
Wheels: Black
Body: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Zone: Unknown
Delivery Dealer Code: Unknown
Options: RPO Option Percentage
Sold [%]
Sales Price
  867 Base Corvette Convertible (300hp) 50.76% 4,037.00
  C60 Air Conditioning 1.29% 421.80
  G81 Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios 81.60% 43.05
  L75 327ci, 300hp Engine 37.34% 53.80
  M35 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 12.18% 199.10
  P92 Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 (rayon card) 90.10% 31.55
  U69 AM-FM Radio 42.66% 174.35
  Total   0.000892551102948%
(1 Cars)
Factory job nr.: Unknown
Export Car: Non Export Car
Engine details: 1963 was the first year of Factory A/C in a Corvette, and was introduced at the end of the production year. Only 278 Corvettes had the C60 Air Conditioning option, of which an estimated only 50 were convertibles, according to Noland Adams Corvette & Restoration Guide Vol. 2, 1963 - 1967. The C60 A/C option was ONLY available with 250hp and 300hp Corvettes. This is the rare, 300hp convertible with factory A/C and automatic transmission. The Air Conditioning system blows COLD. This rare 1963 Corvette is probably 1 of less than 5 built with A/C, 300hp motor, automatic trans, and a convertible. The A/C Compressors used on the 1963 Corvettes were from only four lots shipped to Chevrolet. They have Foil Identification Tags, and the first two serials numbers started with either 68, 73 , 75 or 77. My Compressor starts with 75, and is dated June 3, 1963 ( F 3 3 ).
Other details: This 1963 Corvette is very rare, and very original. It retains some of the original factory paint, all of the original factory interior, and the ORIGINAL A/C Compressor, brackets, etc. The engine has never been out of the car, and the transmission was completely gone through, replacing all seals, and clutches in May 2018. The seat covers are in incredible shape for being 56 years old, as well as the door panels. When the car was last titled, back in 1985, it had 56,922 miles. I bought it with 59,415 miles three years ago, and today it has only 59,862 miles. In the last 33 years, it has only been driven less than 3000 miles. The new GoodYear tires have less than 500 miles on them since new.
Car history:
Also included are the Original Owner's Manual, Copies of all of the Titles and Sales Contracts within their family, as well as the NCRS Shipping Data Report.

Original Born With Drive Train / Matching Numbers:
VIN: 30867s119347 (1963 Corvette Convertible)
Engine Block: 3782870 Cast Date F 24 3 (June 24 1963)
Engine Pad Stamping: 31191347 (Partial VIN) F0628SD (June 28 300HP-Automatic)
Carburetor: Carter 3460S #3826006 Base Date AM2 A=1st Version, M=December, 2=1962
Intake Manifold: 3799349 F 14 3 (June 14, 1963)
Transmission: T 0701 N (T=Toledo, 0701=July 1, N=Night Shift)
Rebuilt Transmission: May 2018
Rear End Stamping: CA 7 3 63 (CA=3.36 ratio, 7 3 63 = July 3, 1963)
Trim Tag: K2 (July 2nd week Build Date)
63 867 (1963 Convertible) 9754 (9754th Convertible Body)
STD (Black Vinyl Interior) 936A-Ermine White
A/C Compressor: Model 6550133
A/C Compressor Lot: 75 NC 3771
A/C Compressor Rear Plate: 6555302
A/C Compressor Cast Date: F 3 3 (June 3, 1963)
A/C Ducts: Original Gray Tint Ducts
Seat Belts: Original
56,922 Original Miles as of January 28, 1985
59,862 Original Miles as of June 18, 2019
For Sale: No

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